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    How it Works:

    1. Order by November 16th. But we recommend doing it right now because quantities are limited!
    2. Pick-up your meal from Chef Matt's Meal King kitchen at 2818 Chapel Hill Rd in Durham between 8:30am-3pm on Wednesday, November 22nd. 
    3. On Thanksgiving, re-heat according to the instructions included with your meal. And give thanks for a full table and an empty dishwasher!

    Pickup Instructions

    Pick up your Thanksgiving Feast between 8:30am-3pm on Wednesday, 11/22 at Meal King, located at 2818 Chapel Hill Rd in Durham.

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    Thanksgiving Bundles

    Choose from these classic Thanksgiving Feasts. These are set bundles. Sometimes it's best not to overthink it. 


    "Make Your Own" Thanksgiving Feast

    Want to create your own one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving meal? Build your Thanksgiving dinner a-la-carte, or supplement your Thanksgiving bundle above with some of these sides. You do you.



    Veggies & Sides


    Sauces and Gravy